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21-Sep-2020 02:41

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And while her ex and I do not keep in regular contact, we still remain friends on Facebook. For the past couple of months, my cousin has been repeatedly emailing everyone in the family to cut all contact and de-friend him. Isn't there a way to put him on a more private or distant list of acquaintances?During this time, her ex has periodically been in touch with me during my father's terminal illness, asking about his health, and sending a beautiful card when my father passed away. Since her ex has shown noting but kindness and compassion to me and my immediate family during our period of grief and loss, I feel reluctant to de-friend him and cut all contact. She's angry, confused, and doesn't want to be reminded of this great loss. Still, my advice is to minimize the Facebook stuff as much as possible. (Facebook savvy commenters: Please help with this.) He might be less available to you this way, but that's what happens during a divorce. If this guy wants to reach out to you, he has your e-mail, phone number, and address (I assume).For you, this is just about knowing that he's out there. Can someone explain Facebook privacy settings so the letter writer can make this work?Is the cousin being unreasonable by asking her family to cut off her soon-to-be ex-husband?It is disrespectful and demanding towards you that your girlfriend would go out with her ex boyfriend and not consider your feelings.Tell her if she goes out with him she can keep going.

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All of us were on excellent terms with her ex, and welcomed him into the family.

also if you have thought about breaking up with your boyfriend then date your ex.

if you love them the same stay with your boyfriend.

If you run into your ex boyfriend while on a date with someone else, and then leave immediately, there are many things that he could be wondering.

It is possible that he may think you still have feelings for him, or that you can't stand him.She may think that since you and your ex have broken up that neither of you care how the other…

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