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17-Oct-2020 11:43

The dreamy “Love’s On Its Way” by contrast is an achingly beautiful ballad, sung with feeling and played with meaning.

has echoes of Jeff Buckley as Bailey Rae ponders the nature of grief amid acoustic, jazzy backing, over which her voice glides, floats and swoops.

Rather her fresh and accessible jazz-soul style had genuine mainstream appeal, across the ages. Now those trademark soft girly ringlets have been usurped by a spiralling afro, giving her an assured, mature look in tune with her growth in age and experience. The music is richer, more intense, the moods more introspective and reflective.

She was nominated for the 2010 Mercury Prize for Album of the Year.In her mid-teens, she was highly influenced by Lenny Kravitz, also discovering rock legends Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin."I loved that band during my teens; I wanted, somehow, to follow in their footsteps, and to create music of my own." Corinne Bailey studied English Literature at the University of Leeds where she graduated in 2000.Like all the songs here, the musicianship is first rate and the big band treatment carries the song particularly well.

Feelings of disorientation begin “The Blackest Lily” as Bailey Rae tries to rationalise her feelings.

“The sea, the majestic sea, breaks everything, cleans everything, crushes everything, takes everything from me.”It’s an enchanting, mature collection, which ebbs and flows through loss of love and memories of happiness, both a reflection of Bailey Rae’s emotional turmoil as well as a celebration and an acceptance that the show goes on.