Convalidating catholic marriage

28-Oct-2020 16:22

For nearly 10 years following these nuptials, Tony and Maria faithfully attended Mass.He also served as a lector, and they both frequently socialized with their parish priest.After the priest blessed the house, the couple awkwardly told him that they were uneasy to join the marriage-preparation team because of their elopement.Then Tony and Maria expressed their desire to have their marriage recognized by the Church.In a relatively small ceremony with only family and a few close friends present, Aaron and Kelly married before a justice of the peace.

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After her graduation, they started dating seriously. When Kelly was expecting their second child, they decided to marry.Another problem was the fact that Tony’s employer provided only one week annually for vacation: the seven days between Christmas and the New Year. While they were there, they decided to elope and eliminate the challenge of planning a big wedding.They obtained a wedding license and immediately married at the city clerk’s office, with only the necessary legal witnesses present.Aaron was a young Jewish man who saw his first marriage crumble almost as soon as it started.

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Divorced after about one year, he found employment in the athletic department of a major university.Aaron’s encounters with the parish priest who initiated the tribunal process were basically positive experiences.