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29-Feb-2020 11:23

Good Shepherd’s first convalidation ceremony occurred in 2002 and continued every two years until 2016.

The event was such a success that the parish decided to have another this year.

“Since we’re Catholics and we support this consecration, I think this is going to make this family stronger,” Campos said.

“We think that this is a good decision what these guys are making and we are here for them to support them.” “I wish them a lot of hope,” Micaela Perez said.

“It was great because they have all kinds of conversations,” Maria Perez told Catholic News Service.

“They talk about everything.” After the retreat, the couples gathered in front of the church’s congregation to proclaim their faith and the intention to validate their marriage.

That changed this summer when the Perezes were married at their parish, Good Shepherd Church, along with 20 other couples in “la gran boda,” or “the big wedding” — a convalidation ceremony June 24.


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Each couple had padrinos, or godparents, at the wedding.“They have a lot of growth in their lives and are expecting a lot of good things in the future.” During the ceremony, an oversized rosary was placed over the heads of the couples.