Consolidating 2 gmail accounts

29-Sep-2019 18:23

Unfortunately, now when I buy something, it sends my receipts into the ether...

Bottom line, can I consolidate the two accounts so that my newer, permanent (I swear I won't change it again) email address has all of my authorizations and account history? It defaults to the same letters as your email address when you create it but the actual email address used for that account is a separate field.

I know that it doesn't really matter that I have two apple IDs, but it is becoming a problem now.

I signed up for one years ago to start buying music and what have you.

The email address for it was my email address at my old home.

Then, when I moved out and got my own credit card, etc., I signed up for a new ID, using my fancy new Gmail account (hey, it was pretty unique at the time...) and everything was great.

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Get all your emails in a single Gmail inbox and send emails from any address.Go here: log in using the appropriate Apple ID, and click on the Email link. But can I use the same email address as my primary Apple ID account, or will it say, "NO! " In which case, I will have to sign up for a new email address, which puts me in a somewhat worse position...You can change the email address to which receipts, artist alerts, etc. Unless the system would think that a gmail alias (your-username [email protected]) is a different address...If your other email account is also a Gmail account, go into Gmail’s settings, click over to the .

You’ll be prompted to enter your main email address.When I am in i Tunes, all of the music appears to be in a single file ( over 700 songs w/ at least 10 sub-folders for various playlists).

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