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To qualify for good cause, you must Some towns have a Fair Rent Commission that can decide if a rent increase is fair. Show the police proof that it is your apartment, like a rent receipt, a cancelled rent check, or a utility bill with your name and address on it.You can search the Internet or the government pages of your town’s phonebook to see if there is a Fair Rent Commission in your town. You have the right to ask the police to order your landlord to let you back into your apartment.

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Unless your landlord wins in court, he or she must not take your things or evict you, even if you owe back rent.

For example, if you hired someone to fix damage or you bought the parts to fix damage yourself, keep the receipts.

If the landlord says you allowed someone to live with you who was not allowed to live there, get proof that the person lived somewhere else.

Start with your medications and important legal documents, like birth certificates and ID cards.

You can ask your landlord for more time, but he or she does not have to give it to you.If you don’t go to court for your trial, your landlord will probably win and you will be evicted.