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21-Dec-2019 14:09

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Seeing them in footage from 31 years ago contrasted with their weary adult personas here actually says more about the kids than any of the flashy app screens do.

As much as the details may change – both the toys we play with and the trouble we get into – the result remains the same.

Relationships are born, experienced and ended through technology for its convenience but also for the distance it creates.

Kids who feel marginalized by society or ignored by parents find new value and meaning in minor rebellions and ignoble acts of protest, all the while unaware of the the damage they’re doing to themselves and those around them.

Most popular mainstream newspapers will carry such classifieds with brothel guides as an insert within racing form guides.

Yellow neon advertising boxes were used to advertise sexual services to such an extent that "yellow" (黃) became synonymous with prostitution.

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Together with a handful of friends, enemies and acquaintances – many of whom interact via We Chat in some fashion or another – they set out to find their missing “friend.” The We Chat app is real and used incessantly in the film as the primary form of communication between characters. (By “out there” I mean Hong Kong, and by “teenager” I mean teenagers, obviously.) Present day Hong Kong is no different in that regard from any other big city.

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