Cody longo and christina milian dating

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But Tim’s lazy days of getting high are jettisoned after a brush with the law convinces his blue-collar dad to send him to a Connecticut prep school.The one saving grace of the new school is Jane, a fellow student Tim falls for immediately." And we all sprayed the silly string at her and sang "Happy Birthday." It's all on tape, and it will be on the DVD extras, so you'll get to see it!*** Cody plays Evan, a major hottie on the basketball team who flirts with Lina from the moment she moves to Malibu (we're cheering for them — get it? But their romance gets complicated when Lina finds out that Evan's sister is the cheerleading captain, AKA her rival!Fortunately, his unconventional brand of teaching fun field trips begins to connect with them, and even inspires ardor in some.

Now, Stella’s so busy building a life that she’s forgotten how to really live. What starts as a quick trip to Jamaica, end as an exhilarating voyage of self discovery as Stella learns to open her heart and find love – even if it’s with a man 20 years her junior.

Christina Milian, record deal and minor acting[ edit ] Milian made her first professional musical appearance on rapper Ja Rule 's second studio album Rule 3: She travelled to Sweden and recorded her self-titled debut album.