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14-Feb-2020 12:42

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Here is one thing we can all agree on — for the duration of the lifespan of the human species, men will never fully understand women, and women will never fully understand men.

No matter how hard Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus tries.

And, yet, we are much more alike than we are dissimilar. I guess what I’m saying is this – throughout the years, I have found that the most attractive qualities in a person, besides someone who is visibly comfortable in his or her own skin, are knowing who you are as an individual and not compromising who you are for anyone.

I have been in the “dating” world for the last 10-years now, and I have not much luck keeping a man in my life for more than a 3-month relationship.

– Nobody dies of a broken heart: you fall, you get up, you dust off, you move on. Someone once told me that you attract what you are ready for.

Maybe subconsciously this is all I have ever been ready for? Or, have I been missing something to prevent the long term commitment I am seeking?

Of course there could be dozens of other reasons too, that why “dating is about discovery”.

If you reach the one year stage is where the individuals are willing to make decisions about a long term commitment with one another.Because two people are having fun and really attracted to each other.

And they make our list due to hundreds of amateur models with low commitment.… continue reading »

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"Except for a group of girls that I hung out with once, I have never really met a new person through Facebook," says Sakshi, who sporadically uses Tinder, Bumble and Hinge.… continue reading »

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I thought he’d hurt his knee, but it turned out he was moving cautiously because he was experiencing severe nausea. The plan that day was to talk about his wardrobe for our photo shoot.… continue reading »

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Aside from using the online chat service there's something we should keep in our mind while we approach any stranger online, we should as much as possible should not try to scare any user, we should remain polite, politeness can be the basis for a long lasting online relationship.… continue reading »

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