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Almost no one liked it-musicians, friends or critics.

There are conflicting stories about how Baker's vocals got recorded.

“I feel annoyed to be a part of that ignorance, but at the same time, where I was coming from was an honest place. He acknowledges the inherent irony of a 20-something white dude covering an all-black R&B group from the ‘90s but denies wittingly using “No Diggity” as a funny way to generate hype. I didn’t know I was going to be at Coachella in four years [and playing] sold-out shows.

We think of the 1950's as a time of relative social conformity, but in fact, there were significant cultural shifts happening.

Rhythmically and in note choice, Baker's singing paralleled his playing.

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Baker, however, pressed towards an androgyny that fit badly with that image and which gained an astonishing traction in American culture.Faker’s debut album, For the next album, currently being recorded at his home studio in Brooklyn, Faker, who typically works with synthesizers and other digital processors, says he’ll be “using a lot of real players to get that human groove that you can’t manufacture.” The goal, he explains, is As for his initial claim to fame, Faker says that it’s starting to get problematic: People have been assuming he wrote “No Diggity,” which he thinks is funny but also troubling.

But most people who experience relationship anxiety report to have experienced relationship difficulties in the past, either directly or by observing others (i.e. Other common causes of commitment phobia may include: Run for the hills!… continue reading »

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It's a small company that's basically trading at rock bottom prices, and after digging a bit more into it I think that they are about to make a really massive announcement any day now.… continue reading »

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