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The early turn-of-the-century companies who successfully commercialized the sale of ceiling fans in the United States were the Hunter Brothers division of Robbins & Myers, Westinghouse Corporation and Emerson Electric.

By the 1920s, ceiling fans were commonplace in the United States, and had started to take hold internationally. by the 1960s; those that remained were considered items of nostalgia. (Hub) Markwardt began importing highly efficient ceiling fans to the United States that were manufactured in India by Crompton Greaves, Ltd.

Throughout the 1980s, the balance of sales between American-made ceiling fans and those imported from manufacturers in India, Taiwan, Hong Kong and eventually China changed dramatically with imported fans taking the lion's share of the market by the late 1980s. S-made fans sold for 0 to 0, while the most expensive imported fans rarely exceeded 0.

Since 2000, important inroads have been made by companies such as Monte Carlo, Minka Aire, Quorum, Craftmade, Litex and Fanimation - offering higher price ceiling fans with more decorative value.

In 2001, Washington Post writer Patricia Dane Rogers wrote, “Like so many other mundane household objects, these old standbys are going high-style and high-tech.” Unlike air conditioners, fans only move air—they do not directly change its temperature.

Therefore, ceiling fans that have a mechanism for reversing the direction in which the blades push air (most commonly an electrical switch on the unit's switch housing, motor housing, or lower canopy) can help in both heating and cooling.

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In this case, the blade should be pitched to the right (or left if the motor spins clockwise) for downdraft, and left (or right if the motor spins clockwise) for updraft. In very rare case, such as late 1984 Hunter Original, fans are both mechanically reversible and electrically reversible, in which case it can blow air up, or down, in either direction.Some ceiling fans can only blow air in one direction and are not reversible in any way, more often downdraft only, but rarely updraft only.