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It really makes a difference in the life of someone suffering from allergies who can’t imagine life without pets.Cats generally stay clean on their own, but when it comes to getting rid of dander and allergens, you may need to give them a hand.That said, you shouldn’t skip the cleaning, either.Be sure to vacuum places such as area rugs and carpeted rooms extra thoroughly, as they are natural traps for fur that has been shed. Although they’re pricey, they’re definitely worth it.

Getting rid of Pookie isn’t even an option but I’d also like to be able to have my boyfriend over to my place without him feeling like death.Smaller ones, such as the Germ Guardian, work in smaller spaces such as a bedroom or office, but you may want to get several for throughout your place.If you’re dealing with bad allergies, you may need to clean your house from top to bottom a few times a week–three times a week would make a huge difference in your life and doesn’t take as long as you think it will. Begin by dusting and wiping lamps, picture frames, tables and surfaces, then finish with vacuuming and sweeping up everything that’s fallen to the floor.If you are able to bathe your cat, be sure to do so before an allergy-afflicted guest comes to visit.

Washing your cat will loosen up and get rid of dander down the drain instead of around your house.

I placed it right under a window in my living room, so she still gets some luxurious sun, and my boyfriend is able to breathe a little easier at night.

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