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26-Sep-2019 16:11

Extending the calibration of atmospheric carbon-14 to be able to date items up to 54,000 years old – based on carbon-14’s 5730 year half-life – has been challenging, however.

Stalagmite-based calibrations have been attempted before by using uranium–thorium dating of their calcium carbonate content to accurately determine the age of a sample.

Stalagmites in a Chinese cave have given scientists all they need to reconstruct the historical record of atmospheric radiocarbon (carbon-14) back to the carbon dating limit of around 54,000 years ago.

The researchers claim that the work is a step closer towards the ‘Holy Grail’ of carbon dating – precisely refining the calibration of carbon-14 against a calendar timescale so that dating of historical treasures can become ever more accurate.

Tree ring data provides a good gauge for carbon dating because their growth reflects their yearly uptake of atmospheric carbon-14.

Though their initial calculations were slightly incorrect thanks to the contaminants of extensive nuclear testing of the age, scientists soon discovered the error and developed methods that were more accurate, including a date of calibration to 1950.

The other two isotopes in comparison are more common than carbon-14 in the atmosphere but increase with the burning of fossil fuels making them less reliable for study (2); carbon-14 also increases, but its relative rarity means its increase is negligible. After this point, other Absolute Dating methods may be used.

Today, the radiocarbon-14 dating method is used extensively in environmental sciences and in human sciences such as archaeology and anthropology.

Typically, a Master's Degree in chemistry is required because of the extensive lab work.

Increasingly though, students are learning about the principles of radiocarbon dates in archaeology, palaeontology and climate science degrees and can combine cross-disciplinary studies.Radiocarbon dating may only be used on organic materials.

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