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02-Nov-2019 08:51

Compliments from an INTJ – like physical gifts – are rare, but creative.

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Problems that take place within an INTJ’s relationship require immediate attention and swift resolution.

If at any point in a relationship (romantic or otherwise) the INTJ feels he is being manipulated into situations he doesn’t like, that relationship is likely to end quickly and irrevocably. The INTJ is likely to respond to all stress in more or less the same way: Withdraw, think carefully about each aspect of the situation, and finally, offer a potential solution or feedback to their partner.

Attempts to manipulate an INTJ will not end well, and the INTJ’s Partner should understand and accept this from the beginning. drama, it is important that they have the freedom to process stress in the way that suits them best.

First, they compile a list of specific Second, the INTJ will observe people in or connected to their social circle (if they have one) to see if any of the people already connected to them match their criteria for an ideal partner.

If none of the people already connected with INTJ match their minimum standards, the INTJ may choose to revise their original list of desirable attributes.One of the best ways a partner or friend can show they care for their INTJ is by giving them the freedom to think things through at their own pace.