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12-Aug-2020 14:06

There a few different ways to avoid catfishing and some things you can do to protect yourself.The first thing you can do to protect yourself is to run a background check.Catfishing is certainly not a victimless crime and there are a lot of problems that are caused by it.The most obvious danger of catfishing is the danger of the emotional damage it can cause.

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This series exposed how rampant catfishing was and raised the awareness of catfishing tremendously.These issues that are caused by catfishing are so dangerous because of the damage they can cause.The damage can often be magnified by the fragile state that a person is usually in because of the trust and love they feel for the person they think they are corresponding with.While the level of embarrassment may not be as public as it was for someone famous like Manti Te’o, it is still enough to damage someone’s personal life.

This can lead to further torture for the victim as it may cause them to be ridiculed by their peers.

Another way to detect a catfish scammer is to run one of their supposed pictures through the program Tin Eye.