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The other buttons on the blouse were intact but unbuttoned.

A T-shirt tied loosely around Lim's neck was soaked with blood.

1123.) In 1990 and again in 1998, ABO blood testing and rudimentary DNA testing were performed on items recovered in and around Lim's body.

The results of that testing excluded several individuals as suspects, but the results did not match the DNA of any person of interest.

Lim's hands were tied behind her back with pantyhose.

An exercise rope was tied tightly around Lim's right wrist, and the rope extended down to her ankles, which were tied together with the rope.

There were no signs of forced entry into O'Rourke's apartment.

Gear testified that his investigation revealed that O'Rourke was dating two men at the time of her death.

O'Rourke's blood had coagulated on another pillow near her head. O'Rourke's arms were behind her back, and she had markings on her wrists and ankles that indicated that she had been bound with ligatures.

However, the presence of semen was discovered in Lim's vagina and anus.