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05-Jun-2020 10:47

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I turned 29 last month and had never been out of the country, with the exception of Americanized tourist traps from a Caribbean cruise I went on in college.

So I was itching to see what else was out there beyond the American bubble. warmer than it is in America where family and relationships are de-prioritized in place of career and consumerism.

This interview about dating in Brazil is with old friend “BRob”, who blogs at The City Bachelor.

He’s also the author of the recently released book Salty, which is absolutely worth a read.

With most American girls, you have to be highly entertaining, exceedingly witty, and even pornographic all at exactly the right times to hold their interest for a fleeting moment.

With Brazilian girls, I felt like I could drop the script and be myself a bit more and *gasp* even show affection and call them beautiful without them pulling away like American girls tend to do.

I told a few girls, “You deserve better than a tourist who’s only in town for a week,” which is a pretty radical shift from the way I’ve approached casual travel dating in American cities. Mugging is an issue if you walk through the favelas or walk alone on a quiet street at night.

It’s a little rough around the edges but you know that going in. A lot of people who have lived in Rio for a few years have a mugging story. Since my Portuguese wasn’t that good, I didn’t go out to the bars on my own.

Most of the Brazilian girls were so friendly and affectionate that I felt an obligation to be kind and sweet and just be a good guy to them. The main danger in the popular areas is pickpocketing and having your bag stolen if you leave it unattended.And yes, mind-blowing is definitely the right word for an American man experiencing South America for the first time. It rejuvenated my focus to keep plugging away at online income until I’m free to travel at length and truly submerge myself in another culture instead of just a one-week teaser trip.