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21-Jun-2020 16:21

For them to truly understand social boundaries, lessons need to be taught in a practical way that can be applied to everyday life, and it needs to be something that they can practice, apply to their own relationships, and remember long after instruction time ends.

Puberty and hormonal changes can present new challenges in appropriate social behavior.

Parents and teachers of students with special needs often worry that these hormonal changes will lead to inappropriate behavior.

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Teach them how to recognize and avoid threatening or potentially abusive situations with Circles: Stop Abusive Behavior.

This video program illustrates step-by-step lessons and strategies to recognize abusive behavior.

The Circles method has been used successfully to teach students with: These strategies are considered to be Best Practices in Special Education and social skills training and have been well documented in the literature that prepares Special Education teacher candidates for educating students with unique learning styles Each individual teacher can personalize each lesson to address the specific needs of his or her own class.

The more familiar the teacher becomes with the Circles concept, the more applications she or he will find.

Teaching kids with special needs about boundaries protects them from harm and unwanted behavior, and teaches them the skills to navigate difficult social situations.

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