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22-Jan-2020 20:06

All men, except your one perfect Boaz, are lazy, poor abusers, so you must wait for that one perfect Boaz to scramble out of the woodwork, and then he will take care of everything for you.The only sentiment that the post and Ruth have in common is respect, but even that gets cut short in the post by its accusatory nature.It’s up to you to wait for the perfect man, and if you don’t, then it’s your fault. It is a serious crime.) Seriously, did they even read Ruth?Even if you wait, if you end up in a bad relationship, then you just didn’t wait long enough. The heart of Ruth is dedication and love between women.

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You know what Ruth should teach young girls who are anxious to fall in love and get married? Your first relationships, no matter how strong and loving, may not last.

She pursues Naomi, she pursues Boaz, she pursues a standard of respect for others and herself that is above and beyond the norm.