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Your broker will charge their usual commissions or fees.The trading price of an ETF is approximately equal to the value of the underlying holdings in the portfolio and any other asset or liabilities, such as cash and dividends receivable.This enhances liquidity and allows a buyer or seller to transact with minimal trading costs.

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Unlike a stock, ETFs are open ended, meaning that supply and demand is not limited, so that a large order can result in the creation or redemption of ETF units.The price of the ETF will move up and down during the trading day with supply and demand, but will generally reflect the price movements in the underlying holdings.Unlike a traditional mutual fund where a client receives the end of day net asset value (NAV), an ETF client trades on the intra-day price on the exchange.In general, BMO ETFs that qualifies as a mutual fund trust and that are listed on an established market index are eligible for registered plans, you should consult with your own broker or tax advisor regarding your personal circumstances.

BMO ETFs are offered through a prospectus filed in accordance with Canadian securities laws and regulations.• Efficient access to core investments and focused market segments.• Access to institutional strategies by retail clients.• Provide intraday liquidity through buying and selling during the trading hours of the stock exchange.• Flexibility to buy on margin or sell short.• Diversification offers potentially lower risk than individual securities.• Ability to have exposure to a portfolio of stocks or bonds.• Portfolio transparency on a daily basis.• Cost-efficient due to relatively low management fees.• Tax efficient, with potential for relatively low capital gains distributions.

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