Blind dating show

01-Jul-2020 15:46

The thing I remember most is the magnitude of margaritas Mr. Of two pitchers, he had about one-and-a-half himself.

I think one of my “racy” questions was, “Where’s the strangest place you’ve had sex?

”There was no way I wanted to see him again, but he had a point and I just wanted the night to be over. Each episode tends to make one of the daters appear more crazy than the other one, and Mr. 1950s was an excellent dancer both in person and on television. But I’d go out with her in a friendly kind of way.” I couldn’t believe it.

When the producer asked me, “Would you go on another date with him? Then, it was time for the end of the show, where we say if we’ll date the other person again. To top it all off, it looked as though he came home with me, as the episode ended with him carrying his suitcase into my apartment and shutting the door behind him. (In reality, he needed to use the phone and since I had a guy roommate at the time, I felt okay letting my yodeling date in.)Everyone I knew had seen the show — my then-boss even put it on during a weekly staff meeting in case anyone had missed it!

The process of getting on the show was a bit complex.

First, you’d go into a nondescript building on Sunset Blvd. On my day, they were looking for women and we’d wait around a conference table as someone brought our Polaroids into casting.

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It also replayed for several, neverending months in a row, friends contacting me from all over the country, “Guess what was on last night?! However, being on “Blind Date” was a fun, interesting, albeit educational, experience, though I haven’t gone on a date full of crew people since (and have also not danced since).(Later, I came to find out that a lot of these tidbits helped spawn the thought bubbles.)I diligently answered the questions.

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