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17-Sep-2020 09:59

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As more and more athletes are realizing the benefits of Chiropractic in heightening their levels of performance, more and more chiropractors are getting involved with athletes in a variety of sporting ac­tivities. based chiropractors played a major role in the 62-person health and fitness contingent that helped the US achieve the most Olympic medals of any country competing in the games.Certainly the biggest athletic stage that involved chiropractors in 2008 was the Olympic Games re­cently completed in Beijing. Chiropractic care is particularly important to athletes on the world stage where fractions of a second determine the difference between a place on the medal stand and going home empty-handed.

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Microsoft is working with Novell to create a Silverlight equivalent for Linux distributions called Moonlight.

RIM Black Berry Tour 9630, newest device unveiled by Research in Motion, a 3G-enabled world phone that will be available from both Sprint and Verizon Wireless later this summer.