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(2012, on his role in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) I barely remember that, except for the fact that it was one of my very first gigs. Then I kind of did the thing that all the kids do: I moved to L. that didn't pan out in the end, but I decided that while I was down here I'd just try and read for everything that I possibly could, and I started working as an actor in a timely fashion.

I remember being in makeup for four and a half or five hours, and then to take off the makeup it was another three or four in makeup, because you have to go through the whole process.

However, it was a chance viewing of Dill Scallion (1999) that struck an indelible head turn for director Catherine Hardwicke. And given that and the pedigree that it came with, I said, "What do I gotta do?

The impression Billy's performance left, lasted until they met in 2007 while Hardwicke and Summit Entertainment were looking for someone to play "Charlie Swan" in their film adaptations of the bestselling book series The "Twilight" Saga.

Benton swiftly invited Billy to join the cast of his and Lakeshore Entertainment's Feast of Love (2007), which included Morgan Freeman and Greg Kinnear.

As fate would have it, neither Gregory Hoblit nor Lakeshore had seen enough of Burke's dry wit and unshakable persona, so when it came time to find a match for Diane Lane in Untraceable (2008), he got the call to play the rock solid "Detective Eric Box".

Since arriving in Hollywood in the early 90s, Billy Burke has never stopped working.

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I am not embarrassed about saying that I had an amazing time in Australia making that movie. I don't really remember what the movie was about, but, uh, there were some lizards in it, right? But while I was doing that-this was up in Seattle, during the pre-grunge years-I met a woman who was producing an independent film, and she asked me to come and read for it. And then she ended up doing another movie, and I got a part in that. I was doing music at the time, I had a demo deal with Warner Bros. In 2004, Billy teamed up with John Travolta and Joaquin Phoenix in the firefighter drama Ladder 49 (2004).It was here that the studios once again began to recognize his on-screen magnetism.After a string of mostly "bad guy with facial hair" TV guest appearances, he landed his first studio picture role in the Zucker brothers' genre spoof Jane Austen's Mafia! Capitalizing on his deadpan comedic sensibilities, he then won the title role in Dill Scallion (1999), the cult classic "mockumentary" about the rise and fall of a slightly touched country music singer.

Co-starring in "Dill", was then fledgling writer/director Peter Berg.-bb Sqw Fw M9 — Billy Burke (@billy_burke) November 26, 2017 Burke started singing from the early age of nine and joined the band at the age of 15. As a musician, he performed in Seattle at the Annex Theater, the A. Besides, Burke also worked as a producer and writer.