Bam dating melissa

17-Jan-2020 22:24

But, what if you are engaged to a world-renowned celebrity star. However, people want to know if Missy is now involved in any kind of relationship with anybody after her divorce with Bam. Let's start at the beginning; Missy Margera had her first meeting with Bam in their college days while both were attending the .During the filming of the series she was approached by Playboy to pose nude with Bam as a guest photographer, and she obliged, though reluctantly, as was chronicled on the show.Missy and Bam married on February 3, 2007, at the Loews Hotel in downtown Philadelphia.How tough do you think it is to be a famous face all around the world? Her personal life is quite a mystery, but why are we here for? One of Missy's girlfriends asked her to join her for her boyfriend's skating practice.

Soon after the divorce, Rothstein took to Twitter to share her news: "official Divorced :) happy Finally Free….Melissa Rothstein is a model and photographer who hails from the America.