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Information from one document can be inserted into another document by either linking or embedding the information.Both linked and embedded OLE objects can be edited from within the destination application.However, linking and embedding store information differently so it is important to ensure that you are using the correct option for the situation.The relationship between embedding and linking is similar to that between inserting a block and creating an external reference.This allows you to create your own table style - sorry, just had to state the obvious.Press the "New..." button and give your new style a name and press "Continue".Let’s look further into using OLE objects with Auto CAD Architecture. You can use one of the following methods to insert information from Excel as an OLE object: When the Excel information is inserted into your ACA drawing, you will need to specify an insertion point.By default, the OLE object is displayed with a frame that is not plotted. The display of OLE objects can be controlled in one of two ways: When OLE objects with text are printed, the text size is approximated by the text size in the source application, Excel.

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Start the command .....could press on the button shown in red above to open up the Table Style dialog box.You can always go back and edit your table style at any time.Once the table is in the drawing, you can double-click in any cell to edit it or right click (below) it for more options: What once used to be a very tedious task in Auto CAD has become easy with this new tool.Remember that your goal as a drafter is communication, so making a table that is easy to read will be important.

If you work for a company, they may have specific standards for layout.

OLE objects are opaque and they will plot as opaque. It is important to note that OLE objects in ACA drawings are not displayed or plotted in external references or block references.

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