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The Add-Migration command creates another file in the Migrations Folder of our ASP.NET MVC 4 Project and the Update-Database command updates the database with the new Description and Price Columns as well as modifies the Title Column to be only 255 characters and not nullable. NET MVC 4 Database before and after issuing this Database Migration you will notice the effect.The Database Migrations using Entity Framework Code-First is really cool and is very much like Rails where you can change your code and then via Package Manager add migrations and update your database as your code evolves.Because the EF Migration Files and Configuration get added to your Visual Studio Solution, all the database migration changes get added to source code. NET MVC support for EF Code-First has been there since ASP. To jump start playing with Database Migrations start an empty ASP. Step 4 Now, go to View and select the Server Explorer.Open your instance of Visual Studio 2012, and create a new ASP. Name the project “MYSQLCRUDApplication ", as shown in the following figure: In the code behind file (cs) write the code as in the following. Now, enter the student data insert and Grid view Show Data. Now, select the Student then show the data Text Box and update the data shown in the Message box “Student Data update successfully”.

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Step 1 Open Visual Studio 2015 Update 3, go to file and afterwards, you can choose New project. NET MVC 4 was released in beta by the Microsoft ASP.