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03-Oct-2019 21:14

As you likely have full system admin on the server the default database will be master so you will find all...,architecture,wcfserviceclient As long as you are able to use the exact same contract for all the versions the web application does not need to know which version of the WCF service it is accessing.

I've attached the html, SQL (for get Loan Data()), and the codebehind.

Why would every parameter exist in the New/Old Value arguments except the "salesprice" parameter?

I have a formview with several data items that works perfectly except for a single parameter that will not update with the rest of them.

================================================== This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.,iis If you set "Enable Integrated Windows Authentication" (which is the default), and the server requires integrated Windows authentication, then the user will be authenticated silently using current default credentials, if possible.