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17-Sep-2019 16:13

Of greater concern still are the ways in which these results are then misused in the course of archaeological model building.

For instance, it is commonly assumed that charcoal excavated in sediment strata provides secure dating for such deposits.

For instance, the introduction of once fashionable terms such as ‘absolute dates’ and ‘relative dates’, or the use of ‘calibrated’ radiocarbon dates have only provided cures worse than the disease; rather than correcting the problem they tried to conceal it. Reference to a calibration curve proposed for bristlecone pine in some part of California does not compensate for the numerous inherent qualifications of radiocarbon results, it merely compounds interpretational confusion.

Apart from some rare exceptions, archaeometry does not provide results that could reasonably be defined as ‘absolute dates’, and radiocarbon assay results are no basis for calculating ‘absolute calibrated dates’. The difficulties of estimating the age of rock art are considerably greater than those of ‘dating’ archaeological finds in most cases, and the methodologies developed for these two entities differ considerably.

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Even attempts to compensate for the routine misuses of dating results have been misguided. carbon isotope ‘dates’ is misleading, in that it elicits a false sense of security in practitioners.Significant problems also arise when the scientific (i.e.

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