Aquarius and virgo dating witty online dating profile headlines

19-Jul-2020 21:06

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Virgos themselves are hardworking and meticulous, so try to make the effort to be on time and show your own commitment.

A Virgo will work hard and make sacrifices to make a relationship work, and patient as they are, they deserve the same in return.

Mercury and Uranus have an androgynous energy, the second dealing with all the oddity and unpredictability in the world, whereas Mercury is the planet of communication, discipline and productivity, things that happen to be very important for the Virgo. The Virgo can teach the Aquarius why discipline, logic and comfort are very important.

In return, the Water Bearer can show the Virgo how to relax and to stand on his or her own two feet.

While the first hates routine and conventions, the second likes to organize everything and is down-to-earth.

The Virgo will think the Aquarius is stimulating, even if he or she is never be able to guess what’s in the mind of this Water Bearer artist.

These natives love having something to do and become really upset when not busy.

Tender, devoted, and nurturing, Virgos make wonderful companions and lovers. Great communicators, they are ready and willing to talk, and perceptive enough to understand when a conversation is needed.

The only problem is attracting a Virgo in the first place. Practical by nature, love is reserved for a sure shot.

Their differences may bring them closer together because they can learn many things from one another.

The Aquarius has a quick temper and many opinions, the Virgo acts with precision and by employing tested methods.

The Aquarius is very useful in this situation because he or she is all the time thinking of something new to do or about ways to have fun.