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He doesn't want a vasectomy, because he does want to eventually marry and have kids, but he doesn't want to do it until he's 40 or so. Same color as the rest of his body, not bulgy veiny, and completely hair free. If Adam and Jonathan started stripping (before Jon got fat) David would definitely start getting less screen time.

He's 35 now and wants to fuck another several hundred before settling a serial dater..doesn't do one-night stands, but he's rarely with a girl more than a month. He basically does what most straight guys (and gay guys) wish they could do. He is circumsized, but he's only a little bit above 6 inches.[quote]I started facing the headboard, and he made me move so that we were both facing the mirror. That clip at r102 is the first time Ive seen Adam shirtless in all his seasons on the show.

But his gorgeous face and lips make up for him being fully clothed most of the time.// BINGO! We all know it wasn't his stellar acting skills, jejeje! I hope Magic Mike raises his star, but not so much that he stays bearding.[quote]Was attached to Taraji P. Yeah, they became unattached after Adam got in a fight with Mary J. Just because he's single and doesn't have kids doesn't mean anything.

I'm the guy who worked with him and saw him shirtless. I think people are really REACHING and wishing he was gay. There are some guys like him that just cant keep a woman. If he could not keep Melanie Fiona, who clearly went through a lot for him, then it must be Adam thats the problem.

' In terms of a season opener, this is my favorite.

I also heard about his cat fight with Mary J Blige and Taraji Henson in Atlanta while they did Tyler Perry's movie. [quote]What woman, black, white or green wouldn't have had his babies by 35?

Perhaps he will put Eric in a story in which he questions his sesuality?? He's been linked with black celebrities, the last one was Taraji Henson as mentioned before. He sleeps black that's a fact but, she's Afro Latin supposedly.r253, she looks Dominican. Sadly, he's wasted some of the best years of his career playing that humorless, fully clothed schmuck on CSI. But his gorgeous face and lips make up for him being fully clothed most of the time. Her name is Melanie Fiona.have been together for about 2 yrs.

Not having a girlfriend, doing Tyler Perry movies and r65/r69/r80, I believe he is gay r141 lol. Men as good looking as them are usually huge douches. Well if Adam is gay I hope he won't do too much bearding. But they were all just for a short time around whatever project he had coming out.r144, that sounds like a "homegurl", not a "GF" lol I saw Adam at a restaurant i work at around thanksgiving in '09. But I dont believe for a moment that a man as attractive as Adam would be get back with a woman that cheated on him. He really needs to find some hot projects and get his career in gear. They do not acknowledge each other in public, they are not photographed together at events. I think Adam's holding on to some pretty ominous secrets.

costar Emily Procter at the CBS/CW/Showtime TCA party on Monday and asked about further romantic developments between her character, Calleigh Duquesne, and Rodriguez's Eric Delko, Emily told us exclusively, "I think my romance is in jeopardy. "A flashback that I spent a lot of time going like this, 'Do I look younger in this scene if I clap? The star tells us, "It's kind of like a boyfriend that you didn't expect to end up with but you end up going, 'This is amazing.' I had no idea. We're happy to see each other after the summer."Emily Procter and Adam Rodriguez are both original castmembers of the long-running procedural series.

I think we were in some poor contract negotiations."Officially, CBS is declining comment on Adam's future on the show, but sources close to the show say, "He'll be back for a limited engagement, but we're not exactly sure in what form Delko will appear." Long story short, it sounds like Delko won't be around full-time for season eight. David Caruso's contract must have stipulated that Adam was NOT EVER to be filmed shirtless (or shoeless r14! (He appeared in her video "It Kills Me".) Judging the women that he reportedly hooked up with, he exclusively dates black women.r25, he is as some here like to say a blatino, black women are not some exotic other to him they are probably half or more of his family!

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