Amber portwood dating registered sex offender

21-Feb-2020 09:35

Here's the full story with links and I'll leave it up to you to decide if this is indeed him or not.I also got some rude message telling me I need to take my last post about this down so I thought I'd just write another better one :)**10/07/10 The Ashley publishes this story detailing how the felon boyfriend Amber met at Walmart was a convicted child molester (He dressed Leah and changed her diaper on Teen Mom XQe).

Or, when her family and friends have had enough time to digest this disturbing news. I'll be married before my album comes out, but will have my wedding after the album comes out." Got it.

I mean, I wouldn't put it past MTV to try to cover something like this up, but I'm not sure that's even the same guy and it's also old news???

If he IS the pervert on the offender registry, well, you linked it here...anybody who wants to check his past out can do so!

I think her not being very smart played a big role in the situation. I rewatched the episode today and currently she’s still not a great mom but she’s come a long way.

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I think Amber was too high during tha era to notice.

And why would the Chris featured on Teen Mom not want to sue if he was falsely accused of being a child molester? *You may have noticed that the original article by The Ashley (as well as other news outlets) contained this mugshot of Chris.

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