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Risks threatening our water resources Many risk make our water resources vulnerable to depletion in the two visions (Quality and quantity), these risks can be natural or result to our Industrial, Agricultural, and public activities.

Many threats affecting water resources quantity and quality: • Over-exploitation of groundwater resources (Increase of needs). • Alteration groundwater quality due to marine intrusion in coastal zones.

The base of our simulation is based on SQL analysis of the data base into professional GIS software (Map Info 11.0) Simulation of the future demand on water for population is necessary, to evaluate the degree of problems and to predict any lake of water in the future.

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The drought, effect directly the hydrologic systems around the world, many country suffer the insufficient water resources.

Future simulation of water demand is a way for prediction and prevention against climatic and environmental risks through the establishment of real and feasible solutions for better exploitation of water resources.

In this study we simulate the future demand of water to supply population need, in the Algerian territory at the horizon of 2020, to show critical situation of lack of water, under a climate change situation.

According to the results we are arriving at the conclusion that to solve the continuous arising demand of water we must return to the used unconventional water resources.

The Mediterranean countries are among the most vulnerable by water stress [1], because of the high climatic variability.

For a best management of our water resources it is important to think in a new strategy and other techniques to arise our water potentialities to supply the population increases needs.