Akshay kumar and twinkle khanna dating

11-Aug-2020 04:48

His friends encouraged him to take up modelling and that was when he decided to take the plunge.

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Since his family was not associated with films and he did not know anyone from the industry, he started off by assisting Jayesh Sheth, well known photographer in order to meet people from the industry.

Pooja was a successful model and an actress of her times.

It is known that, Pooja helped Akshay Kumar meet people from the industry at the beginning of his career, as he attended all the happening parties of Bollywood.

This was much before he became an actor who knew that Akshay Kumar marriage would be with one of the most sought after actresses of Bollywood.

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He later worked in Kolkata for a travel agency for a year and a half.

He also starred in other action films such as Mohra (1994), Elaan (1994), Suhaag (1994), Sapoot (1996), Keemat (1998), Angaaray (1998) and Sangharsh (1999)After being established as an action hero, Akshay also gained fame for his drama, romance and comic roles.