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23-Jul-2020 01:30

During the raid of the Saviors’ compound, Rick and co.killed a boatload of his men, and Maggie and Carol killed the ones that held them captive.There was some really tense scenes in this novel and I found myself racing through it; my heart pounding as I read.

Even though he made us hide under our covers, Negan did have some pretty awesome lines.

Gregg very cleverly misdirects you, so that you have no chance of figuring out who the killer is on your own.

Overall this was brilliant, a gripping, suspenseful and heart pounding read that you will race through!

Another reason why this line is so great is because it was pulled directly from the comics along with most of Negan’s monologue.

We were extremely disappointed that not a single f-bomb was dropped though. The little future serial killer he’s talking about is Carl, of course, whom he seemed to share a moment with a few seconds before saying this.They really add to the story and when you are trying to work out who the killer might be, you just can't suss it out.