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The smallest of all the US states, Rhode Island’s dense population benefits from a nationally recognized public research university, highly-ranked private colleges, and community colleges in the main urban areas.Most of Rhode Island is coastline, and that, more than any other factor, shaped the tiny state into what it is today, in character and economy.The state was built on shipping, trade, and fishing, developing a small but dense population of hard workers, smart small-business owners, and industrial entrepreneurs.Once the nation’s shipbuilders, Rhode Island moved swiftly into manufacturing with the Industrial Revolution, and just as swiftly into service and tourism as times changed.Please note: An indictment, information, or complaint is merely an allegation. Ashley Weaver (age 28) Providence, RI Complainant, who is a member of the School Committee, alleged that the School Committee violated the OMA by not permitting him to attend an executive session of a Subcommittee of which he is not a member.This Office determined that nothing within the OMA requires the School Committee (or for that...The state’s most prestigious institution, Brown University, is an Ivy League Colonial College, one of the nine dating back to before the American Revolution; the home of the Brown Curriculum, the first college to do away with required courses, Brown has long been one of the most innovative and influential institutions in the US.

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Attorney General Kilmartin speaks about the importance of the First Amendment.This Office determined that the City Council violated the OMA because the...