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This scattering of the literature has increased as scholars representing the various academic disciplines have grown interested in the region and its problems.

It is now common to find articles on the Southern Appalachians in journals devoted to economics, medicine, sociology, psychiatry, and history, to mention only the most obvious.

This was the great era of the settlement school and the missionary. Political action and massive governmental aid began to be ] Horace Kephart, Our Southern Highlanders (New York: Outing Publishing Company, 1913), p. This interest waned almost as suddenly as it had arisen, and a marked decline in the volume of writing about the Southern Appalachians was evident during the 1940's and the early 1950's.

The current revival of interest in the Southern Appalachians differs from previous ones in at least two important respects.

Several major research projects are now being conducted; more are certain to follow. The Kentucky liighlanders from a native mountaineers viewpoint.

The work has long stood as a landmark, and is still of vital importance to those seriously interested in the region. In this group one may also place the innumerable romanticizers of the area— those whom John Day characterized as "quaintness mongers" and "ballad pushers." The third group, still regrettably small, is composed of those who write with insight and accuracy. Study of the succession of human activities in the Kentucky mountains, a dissected highland area.

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