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B f Q engineered new "Soft Rubber” 8ILVERT0W NS, so successfully that they're originalequipment on '61 cam. B a ils (io la ttis l i Berlin Sitmation Fearful Unknowns I f WA*ql IS ( HILDB. how , Mr tb* ro u m e rm e a s v rrs which ended w ith the ru th le ss in rep risal for th e Soviet action use of Soviet tan k s an d guns I tn Hosing the B erlin border and the execution o r Im prison ra n go. f JÜ •I Time for Calmness ■PVEKENCfc M inuter Uarfcneaa «ays he is i-onvlneed tha Berlin crisis can be settled peacefully. It Is to be hoped the hij:ber-level arbiters of W estern action keep t h i sentiment se ll in the forefront Wars are much i easier begun than ended ; Vice-President Lyndon Johnson* flying visit to Berlin and the arrival of U. troop reinforcement* underscore* American determination to support the West Berlin position, but his emotional rhetoric did nothing to calm th e atmosphere It Is' all very well to talk of “havinfi no genius for retreat” but the physical facts cannot be ignored West Berlin could he taken by Soviet force very easily, as one look at the map make* clear; unless the West were to risk the kind of wholesale nuclear holocaust implicit in this dangerous situation. “ 1"„* SUUnhj,d’ who "BV OTTO VON H A B -B l KG ti» m dldn t■ qualify as hbeauty :cow » h o , m anage local Industrie* m ost of the big b u d d in g , we ag e o f O r m a n industrialist* ously te * " ' 'a k*n '» 'u m e d J *'ork' *’ U r* ' u “ kinga. * ^*;, *J *t* e^ h e “ 1 ,n , h r e t m ^ u e n c e of the w-.r there tor , V P ™ 1' E u ro p ean unthey men think he * pre h a lf dozen years h as re*ul«evl Iroro Its m en d flung t**chln* « r e f e » young oeoole W iih a d M l People feel inotlnc w^m ^,, ^ p r f r ° * * " v* ° f M n ,i Pb' P* '* P " '« 1 In • Up ag ain st th e shore re rough P u s h e d d u rin g o u r tr ip due f o ^ o r reach ,,vrts, e m p ie te Integra . ^ 1he a z e of retirem en t , k» «kw« not proceed a s fast ^ y------------n»me; fot--Thou Jone U« D. OOO--------perrens, ,a r ee feneration, — ---------------------------ir " " .» 1“".’ la well ahswd of wonderful _ Isaiah 1 —» . bowling behim self “ th e Mg thing in th e life II NNNn O o T th m O o,lh,h KE r) * Sm bo wi,hu g(»"»Uy. GENEVA l U P f l —The chief Soviet negotiator w arned yes­ terday that the m arathon Geneva nu.

O Your monthly payment is ap­ proxim ately one-twelfth of the Soft Rubber SILVBRTOWNS smooth every hump because this amazing tire is tough yet bounce-free. tram a » * “ i n Indcftcrutent «ripaper, T hf Organ of ;\o CAiqur or Party ” . C 1 ^ V ^ i t A T ap p eals to he de In m axing Soviet tio o p a to ) " celo p tn j tn Berlin la a f a s t Berlin and to th e f a s t I atate of siege that wit) tie long W est G en tian border, th e R u s ,o r abort depending op th e u a n a m ade su re th a t thia n on ibe em b ittered ciu zen ry . And then a s a fu rth e r deteriden.-e of a differing view be rent th ere la th e m em ory of twwen th e Allied pow ers o ver the uprising of Ju n e 17. But ope of th e prior, m em of hundreds who had led p a l. That Is something to be «hrunk from, not ra*hlv invited. Western representative* adds to expectations in Ber­ » , CUM I A t LOB lin which may *eem to (»comtie more than can be delivered This is a moment for calmness and long­ 'T 'H E o th er evening t heard headed judgment, and not for statements which might -I two ladles discussing Ihe looks, good m otherw ise o f a inflame tempers on both sides. If ”som —e o*t iiiuk-n inviung m an Mos m o "s Kr *0" 81 counct U O ov n ark h o zi m a te ria l” «them e s u lv .!! assum ing such p ageants tira r lh# border* of A k ch an ls Pr' vlou'l y ru in ^by th .._e sta -----1.-1» . k-af test ban con­ ference will rem ain deadlocked "unless the American* c h m ^ J th eir p o s itio n ' Reds K ill Terms OTTAWA (CP) — The cabinet U studying ways to 1 hooat Canada * NATO con Iribi Jtion with both men and conventional weapons.

What Is evident y Ip the Soviet view expressed by Premier Khrushchev th at two states—the f a s t and West Germany*— have come into being. be gainsaid As one London newspaper puts It the situation embraces the potential of a German civil war; that w should spur the West to immediate steps to negotiate the problem ! The British press, knowing by drastic experience of the horrors of war, sounds alarm lest the great powers are no longer in control of events, which they fear are "dominated by the passions of the O rm a n people on both sides of the frontier," i “ . To one this is the role of statesmanship at any moment of International crisis and now is the time to pursue i t loom’ quite so fascinating. / , / ■ 'T H E SHOULDER of the P atrid a Bay Highway at A Royal Oak was recently black topped to provide more safe passing space on a hill, and this was a com­ mendable step pending construction of further paved lanes which presumably Is In prospect. There are many places on the Trans-Canada Highway as well as the Patricia Bay Highway where to equally good effect stretches of shoulder could be blacktop pod so that the would-be slower driver—the man who would like to be driving a t 45 but is being pressed from behind to drive at 60—could pull over and get out of the way of following traffic without first slowing to a crawl, with attendant risk of causing rear-end collisions, for fear of losing control of his car in the gravel. ln« ln* a*nd *kl11» » w * re squeeze i m illions of maleji in Ihe world »iready m odels and lo o k ed ! *“d 2II.6M tn ( en lrn l Asinl over estim atio n o f a situ s lion dice com es h ard on th e good house, there Is alw ays plenty ' holokyan. w n*,u *nd ,h* flig h ts can S ___ o S i 'w J S a “ * NATO 19 Aid Topic * ( KIHIm RASING ly a rtin g a s spokesm an for No clash occurred, and the ! »4 char- - ■ ■ Al ters, rig h t an d left sh ift k ey s and sh ift lock. each Bicycle Baskets Bicycle Geeerater Budget Charge It! CQ l u n e b Kit I b I ® s ty le d lunch k i t w ith » .iii\ - .. t J H Tba “ »stranaut" T his will lar w ith ding ''scien tist." sign» deco rate vacuum b o ttle -special, each be |" if hi th e bud Space tieth e Itto r 4 JQ 1 2 3 Ray Ratars K it P l i ' h n » W agon" lunch kit com plete w ith m atch in g l O ost vac u u m bottle. D a rk e r tojw s of g rey, d A A b lu r a n d green lo r b a rk in »«hoot I J c lo th e s M " w ide Special, s r d ■ a O F ir *k o r i rttr‘o u s e' r s S p e c ia l. t-i* (la n d w oven In India lo r a look ol silk* ei*onalurd name tapes Thirty-six ironon tapes and marking mm J k . H m l eac h w EA TONYk —f N olkm », 'l o i n F lo o r.

The same applies to the road-shoulders opposite jark entrances and side roads, where—given a strip of inexpensive blacklopping—a driver could pull off the main roadway without first greatly slackening sliced, and then could wait for the highway to clear before crossing it. M' K h™»hchev has t n s u l l e d ,oul o f o u r Umiled hum an it would rnurh navir .„v itln a than In Ihe new elite*. vtce-ehalrm an tenrn in these p m tlferatin g The m assive Im portation o f which, though rem arkable. and even a m ale ln m e «hops and w e get fresh 0f ,tw A rm enian sov n ark h o r new establishm ent*T Cerforeigners. levs brilliant th an th e outw ard m ust concede th at *ome chaps fruit and - r - IIUII «rwi 1vegetable* all the ' " ' ‘•h " 1 tlls t. long handled - • •pace b ar c a r r ia g e release W and p ap er bail finished u te u in olive g iv en enam el Cum píele w ith case. with NO DOWN PAYMENT W rilm o d r galv an ised haskc Ui. i .»vi - .- d K U i plaids, k it is ip w o rk m a n 's style, com plete w ith i O-oc. AJ PL br G 3 Shoe Shine Kit R U B For home, school or college, a strong plastic Itag. (timber brush ntxl sh in e h m s h Speeiul, ^ C j f | C BIorse Racks Keep as many as p or h blouses fresh and neat on one of. ettch 3 Equip the young­ sters for rainy days In dur­ able Vinyl rainw ear, sizes 8 to 14.

Pour devenir un membre premium (GOLD) à vie et disposer de cette option, il vous suffit d'ajouter une fois des jetons !

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Soviet A m bassador Sem yon M A J-G EN WALSH jw h ere Mr S m ith rolled hla R heum atoid a rth ritis jum ps reiving a first-hand rep o rt on K. aa som ething neroasary and tiw m ndnuely im portant to moai people, h a t been replaced by science Every- Uttle boy today G interested i n apace; b u t tak a him to an a r t m useum and lie’ll he bored to death. « / i n w m km g lo r U y ra ry for -ST ■ wrote " It * u m y f a u lt" H esiop •»id "I never aatu d for a M ia*." Hesiop to* hi* rail* - a n aw but h* a a* loyal and atuck to th* old jabí 1 a** F ra n k ta ail n th * now. EKORD The building Itself will cost C ity council should honor about .0110 and will have a lounge w ith coffee bar Plans th* founder of T h e Dally Colonist In centennial y ear by Little Boy Drowns Near Shore Danger Ahead? net son will he killed ,0 you ** m ayor and also the . ronctu*uon bo*rt ^ 1I isim Z tilar e r « o10Z i^n w h * ‘ c iu ttrr ,h r tr m on' y " o »' h wi cnirn ________ lerd av w ays ol handling the problem , i tlstlc a t the hospital em ergency fields here In 1959 d u rin g a m eeting Tuesday, P °ri _ _ _ . , A third w ay of killing off M I D J l LY OUI„ d » „ „ r k . ’ • .12)2—Beachcom ber Show -C F A X 4 OO—Iter# Com e the C k m n a -C B U . CBU M O —Critic» a t L a rg e —CBU; O utdoor Living — F JV i 7 00 The Big Sound KOMO 9 0 0 H ta in e u B arom eter CBU. H o -S ta g e N ine—CJVL 10 IS T he G rand Sound KOMO. 1 M \ * t C a ts K M »A U * S $ P » A * CHRYSLER $ 1 * F »! M GOOD SELECTION TOP RAD IO COM BINATIONS O V« iu rta « best buya iti O m au to m ati« radio M CONDITION 3to. Isttua Uon im proves the * Cuba Calls In, Keeps Cash ¡of Embassies HAVANA i API - T w enty six nations protested lo F o r elgn M inister R aul Roa Mon ■m ed iately all Cuban currency 'h eir m issions deposited hurln* * currency exchange two W*r t u h ,*h dt P)om atlc sources reported ^ j.

Can a r t ever recap tu re the A T DIGGON’S WWCMWJ st M. Doe« th e tern w eather and then loading three "H ear Hr. f REE ADVANCE CAR RESERVATIONS, though optional, era exclusive on (onodian Pacific femes. H* to*« around on fool — I don i think h* cor rida a bik* bk* a il th* oth*r hutch*r boys. creating an A m or De Cosm os L inn A Gale, l OJT C ralgdar P ark on land It h as agreed to roch. th e ap p ro o rh es to S eattle and ,___ .__ W »* -------person- find« a- — hole -,n ward. r , , Inrrea»ea effective j u ly 1 on a ~ going to hospital w ith bee of w„ p h, ca7) , p p ^ the » u p , i. council of a non-binding m a should ho W the line" bv renew tng its fo rm er contract a t o lh er u n io n , did in th eir negotiauona w ith th e'm u n icip ality n a ^ T Z n l i Z Z d b T th e n M l« em eere T ha? t r e e X r k , n ~ * ^ w l i ^ T h erefo re 1 o p p £ e t t e p u £ ; « b r e „ “ entered * y re d u X a o r ofr° Z Sl ^ Radio Report *1 1 T u esd a y» Highlights M S a m .—R av in e R e p o rter—CKDA 9 0 0 - D o n Mc Neill KOMO; P a rty L tn e - C J V l • 4S M atinee —CKDA ' 10JIO—Six F a r O ne Q uia—C J V l 1 0 .1 0 A rthur G o d fre y -K IR O . 1 $ PRODUCTS L TD X X 55 DODGE 4 Dr Suburbai W t radio, h eater, new paint. Half Ute Hi— tir ®ita# i»m* tra • i Mt Rpitftr ÜBPd Car* From r V •ita rwmr Ift» «fiyilme GR IB B ’OUljri. à t a m t V e k e”x e e owner** m û# EV 4 t OSt F o r the H u n ter or nww And ! h « , WAXTrn » rxw woorvc Aiii' 1 0 0 C A R S FOR S A L I Ql-ADRA AT PPMBIIOKE Et Mn! m em bers of the diplo --------- m atte corps wens required to i k a l a e l J /n. L.__ _ tu rn inre th eir old Cuban pesos w hen P rem ier C astro's govern m ent Issued new currency snd voided the old.

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GENEVA (U P I)—'The chief crippled him so badly he prisoners. w Light Bill Crisis Stalls Air Treaty Handicapped Bowler Rolls Perfect Game ‘U. Stand Must Change’ Kennedy Makes Berlin Pledge Cuba Calls In, Keep: Cash of Embassies HAVANA ( A P ) - T w e n t y . lu te * .w e re fm etaai for New in the province’» history. ----------- u through MW "- th wa w ie during w M a scuffle, suffered w « Kennedy Makes Berlin Pledge Cuba Calls In, Keeps Cash of Embassies Rebel Raids Kill 14 Disc Jockey Charged After Duncan Ruckus leftist Party Walsh Appointed New Chief of Staff Reds K ill Terms Africans Threaten Action in Rhodesia Don't Miss BBC Man Injured In Richmond tl H Il H I H H IU llllll M I II II I II H tll H II IM * « — M is Colonist. PAGE THIRTEEN X After Hours Fuller Use of Schools Considered Board Poor TV Hplping Movies? AKKIXG WHY "M ore and m ore th e o rd in ary person on «he street Is ask in g why1 g re a te r use is not being m ade of o u r schools.'’ said Mr ¡Gelling. Many of the jploneera who Jenvey buying a new outb- ard ^ drow ning victim w as o r severely Injured. are p r, ^ W c f c T ^ e will speak' “on T E ducation said. “ « * *- * ' .supervision *nd m aintenance T " ■ » --- --------------------- -----' * " • « -W» g" T- »y ¡ " LS ,. It If a paper nest la found, a would be u nreasonable to re *M_v*d ,h » D ness would spend a little loss E ntom ologists a t th e expert■'It'» alw ays bad durm g a ' ru ' ' « ■ " * *“ v* hole He added. The bulb light* up when plugged into a »ocket.— (CP photo.) Crisis Stalls Air Treaty “ “ w • !

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