Accomodating patients

23-Feb-2020 22:12

This is a promising result, although near visual acuity is not as much of a challenge as distant visual acuity.

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"Obese patients are often fearful that new environments will not have the appropriate equipment to meet their needs or assist in their healing," says Amanda Budak, RN, MSN, CBN, a program manager of the digestive disease service line at the Medical University of South Carolina.Care should be taken to avoid creating "obese-only" sections in general waiting areas.Loveseats can be a discreet way to mix this furniture with the standard waiting room furniture. Treatment and procedure rooms In all hospital treatment and procedure areas, doors need to be adequately sized.Public toilets and waiting rooms should be planned to meet the needs of obese patients.

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Glen Barras, president of the healthcare seating company Sitris in Toronto, Ontario, recommends having 10-20 percent of all general seating in bariatric sizes, with a higher percentage in ED waiting areas, and up to 50 percent in cardiac units.

Given the statistical trend toward obesity in the general population and the skyrocketing increase in bariatric surgical programs, hospitals need to address the special design and equipment needs of obese patients in both their short- and long-range planning.