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It was chosen because they thought the script was originated, or first used, in Toledo, one of the main peninsular cultural centers –also the capital of the Visigothic kingdom and archiepiscopal see of Christian Iberian Peninsula – in which Visigothic script was intensively used until the mid-13th century, so for them it was not a so-bad idea. 1047) there is a note from the 13th or 14th century stating the name in this case, the term came from those who thought the script was first “made” or more brightly used in the southern Iberian Peninsula by the Mozarabs, among which it was extensible used in the former centuries.This denomination points towards the origin of the script as it does the next term used too, chronologically speaking. Now we know neither of these two areas has the privilege of being the cradle of Visigothic script; or more precisely, we do not know from where it came from, although more likely from Catalonia, Septimania or nearby.

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I have already written here about this misconception kept also in no-so-old scholarship.

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