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26-Sep-2019 00:48

Statistics can be stored from the dashboard and can be used to verify the tactical and strategic impact of the deployment of the functionality gradually over time.

For law enforcement Total duration of project Sweetie 2.0 is 2 years end will end in April 2017.

It seems like yet another example of female-voiced AI servitude, except this time she's turned into a sex slave thanks to the people using her on Twitter. The summer is almost over, and that means the Labor Day sales are nigh.

I spend a lot of time typing shit and talking smack about Apple’s recent hardware shortcomings, greasy dealings with authoritarian governments and questionable labor practices. Here are 10 essential home accessories you never knew you needed, and you can take 15% off the final price (including any stated discounts). It doesn’t happen overnight – but there are courses out there that can get you there quickly.

We have been selected by Terre des Hommes because of our proven track record in developing easy to use investigative software, background in forensics, security & artificial intelligence and ability to design and implement scalable, robust and easy to maintain software.

The software will be developed as a separate solution.

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If results show that the intended audience accepts the chatbot as a real human chat partner the infrastructure will be expanded to monitor hundreds or thousands of chat rooms.

The chat logs are stored and exchanged data are processed per chat to a profile for each chat partner.