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20-Apr-2020 02:09

Decades later, David now receives hundreds of thank-you letters and gifts.

People even stop him on the street and at airports to say that he’s changed their lives.

David said the biggest takeaway from this program is that you’ll get to explore the deepest assumptions men have about how to behave with women — namely, thinking that attraction is a choice, when millions of years of biological wiring says differently.

“We do all these things to try to convince a woman to like us: giving her compliments, buying her gifts, saying nice things about her, trying to show our positive side, trying to contrast ourselves with the kind of guys she’s attracted to,” he said.

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We intuitively know how to flirt and trigger attraction and chemistry — we just need to learn how to access that upfront.

Even as a kid David knew he wasn’t a natural with women. “No matter how much I hung out with these guys and deconstructed what they were doing and reverse engineered all their techniques and practiced, I could never get even close to how good someone who’s just naturally good at it is,” he said.

David understands that he doesn’t know it all, and talking as if he does isn’t the way to help men absorb what he’s saying.

He’s open about what he knows and sharing that with you.

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He focuses on 6 main concepts — Dating Tips, Meeting Women, Getting a Girlfriend, Attraction, Confidence, and Relationships — and provides numerous ways for men to learn about each.

“The things I was learning from books and seminars… “By hanging out with guys who intuitively got the attraction game, watching what they did, modeling them, and understanding their beliefs and how they saw the world — that was how I figured it out.

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