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Cross Breeding Animals and Humans, world population men and women ratio Horse Breeding Terms.

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The breeding programme for gorillas is run by Frankfurt Zoo in Germany, for instance, while ZSL co-ordinates the tiger population in European zoos.

ZSL participates in over 160 of these conservation breeding programmes and manages 11 of them.

Indeed, some species, such as the Arabian oryx, California condor, Partula snails, Przewalski's horse and Socorro dove owe their very existence to zoos.

ZSL’s two zoos, ZSL London Zoo and ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, are like Noah's Ark, building up and maintaining genetically healthy populations of animals as a back-up for endangered species like these. We are part of an international community of responsible zoos running co-operative breeding programmes.

The aim is to ensure as much genetic variation in the captive population as possible and this is achieved with the aid of a studbook.

The Kent Online daily podcast is a round up of the biggest stories in the county.

You can find more information about the event at Badminton Horse Trials homepage.

43 horse die in fire adult rural craft American quarter horse Andalusian and Standardbred breeds.

There's more to it than just putting a male and female together in the same enclosure.

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Breeding is carefully managed to control numbers and to prevent inbreeding.

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